Rough Shooting

Low Ground Shooting 

On the lower ground, the lochans attract a variety of duck while the surrounding farm land and forestry is home to rabbits and brown hares. Pheasants are sometimes put down to supplement the rough shooting bags from November to February.


Duck Shooting

Duck Flighting takes place on ponds, rivers and lochs on the Estate low ground. The open season for duck from 1st September to the end of January. On Alvie we prefer to finish duck shooting when the open water freezes over normally around the end of December. Duck are shot at dusk from mixed stances.


Rough Shooting

The emphasis on rough shooting is to provide a chance to shoot a wide variety of game. Rough shooting is normally offered on Alvie during the months of November, December and January when maximum number of quarry species are in season. Rabbits and hares are always plentiful.

Maximum 5 shooting participants per session or day.


Shooting With Shotguns

Shooting clients are normally expected to be experienced in shooting and to provide their own shotgun which must not be automatic or semi-automatic, and with a bore not less than .410 or with a barrel which has an internal diameter of more than 1.75" (4.5cm) at the muzzle.  The Estate must be informed on booking if any of the shooting party is not experienced.

The Head Gamekeeper will give a short talk on the safe use of shotguns at the beginning of the day or session and anyone, who in opinion of the Head Gamekeeper is considered to be transgressing these rules or a danger to others, will be asked to stop shooting with the immediate effect.  The Head Gamekeeper's decision will be final.

The Head Gamekeeper will determine the ground to be covered and the game to be shot.


Blue Hare

Depending on hare numbers, driven or walked up blue hare shooting can sometimes be arranged in early December to the end of January.

The success of the shoot can be dependant on the weather and the Estate will cancel the shoot and refund the money less a handling charge in the event of adverse weather conditions. In the event of the hill road being blocked with snow, participants should be prepared to walk up to 10 miles in the day.

Maximum 9 shooting participants.

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