History of Alvie & Dalraddy Estates

A Rich and Eventful Past – Alvie & Dalraddy Estates boasts a vibrant history filled with notable events and distinguished ownership. Here’s a closer look at our storied past:

The Ramsden Era: 1860s – In the 1860s, Sir John Ramsden acquired the estate from the MacPherson-Grant family. He embarked on an ambitious project to plant vast areas of Scots Pine, using seeds from the finest trees in the Caledonian Pine Forest. The fruits of his efforts are still visible today in the lush woods surrounding the Lodge.

The Whitehead Legacy: 1905 – In 1905, the estate changed hands to Robert (Bertie) Bovill Whitehead. The Whitehead family, renowned for their engineering prowess, also had a significant influence on European history. Bertie’s cousin Marguerite Hoyos married Herbert von Bismarck’s son, and another cousin, Frances, married Captain von Trapp, whose story inspired “The Sound of Music.” The Whiteheads were also pioneers in deer management. G. Kenneth Whitehead, a family member, authored several books on the subject, and his innovative policies still benefit the estate today.

Lady Carnarvon’s Tenure: 1923 – In 1923, Lady Carnarvon purchased Alvie following the sudden death of her husband, Lord Carnarvon, the 5th Earl of Carnarvon. Despite her brief five-year stay, she left a lasting impact by designing and building a model dairy farm, which operated well into the 1950s.

The Williamson Family: 1927 to Present – In 1927, Alexander Williamson acquired the estate. With interests in banking and forestry in North America, Williamson brought new perspectives and investments to Alvie. The Williamson family continues to own and manage the estate, maintaining its heritage and natural beauty for future generations.

Today, Alvie & Dalraddy Estates is a dynamic business with diverse operations. Our activities include farming, forestry management, woodchip production, a game department, a quarry, and Dalraddy Holiday Park. Each operation plays a crucial role in maintaining the estate’s sustainability and offering unique experiences for visitors.

Activities/Experiences on Alvie & Dalraddy Estates Today – Today, Alvie & Dalraddy Estates offer a wide range of outdoor activities for visitors. Enjoy clay pigeon shooting, zip-lining, gorge walking, horse riding, quad treks, and archery. Take part in farm and estate tours, stalking and in winter, engage in wildlife feeding and photography. Our self-catering accommodations provide a comfortable stay, and Alvie House is ideal for events and corporate training sessions.

Filming on Alvie & Dalraddy Estates- Alvie & Dalraddy Estates provide an idyllic filming location boasting diverse settings all within one site. Our hill ground features expansive heather moorland, providing a natural habitat for grouse, deer, sheep, and various wildlife species. Nestled amidst amenity woodlands, Alvie House, an Edwardian Shooting Lodge, offers an array of reception and bedroom scenes, complemented by a picturesque small loch in front of the house. Our estate further encompasses traditional farm-built cottages, farm buildings, a walled garden, riding stables, fishing opportunities in the River Spey and small lochans, a quarry, sawmill, off-road courses, and a clay pigeon shooting ground. Additionally, we offer a caravan park with wooden chalets, a three-bay traditionally built garage, a stone circle, waterfall, and mountain bothies. For your convenience, ample space for unit base trailers, lorries, and equipment vehicles is available in a central location. Choose Alvie & Dalraddy Estates for your filming needs and immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of the Scottish Highlands.

Discover more about Alvie & Dalraddy Estates’ rich history, outdoor activities, current business operations, and filming opportunities. Plan your visit to experience the legacy, adventure, and natural splendour of our estate.